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"We are the true sons of civilisation. The world shall pay for not giving us the respect we deserve!"

The American Federation (shortened to AF) was one of two successor states of the United States of America after it seceded, sparking the Second Civil War.

Factfile[edit | edit source]

  • Official name: American Federation
  • National anthems: Hail Columbia; In God We Trust; A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
  • Official motto: In God We Trust
  • Capital city: Topeka
  • Official language: English
    • Other languages include Native American languages, Spanish; and later German, Hungarian, Russian, French, Dutch, Norwegian, and Afrikaans
  • Official religion: Evangelical Christianity
    • Major religions: Christianity (Catholicism, Baptist, Pentecostal, Orthodoxy), Judaism
  • Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic, later dictatorship, occasional theocracy
  • Climate

Flag[edit | edit source]

The American Federation uses a different flag from the US. It has thirteen red horizontal stripes against a white background, with a large canton at the centre bearing twenty-five stars. Occasionally, a golden cross is used at the middle. It is known as the "Shield of Faith".

  • Red for sacrifice, conservatism, and power
  • White for purity, faith, and devotion to Jesus
  • Blue for unity, resistance, and resilience
  • The stripes represent the AF being claimed as the continuation of the old United States before its adoption of progressive values
  • The stars represent its members and their resistance against the US's attempts to (re)annex them. Their arrangement into a box represents their cooperation and their future attempts to conquer the rest of the US by force.

Other flags[edit | edit source]

In addition to the Shield of Faith, other flags are given official status:

  • The Holy Standard - White right half, blue left half, and a red and white cross.
    • Formerly the flag of the Christian religion in the country, later the banner of the National Church during Evangelical rule. During that time, twenty-five red stars were added at the right side and the cross was made bigger, to represent the Evangelical rulers' enforcement of the Christian religion.
  • The Banner of Sentinels - Black with blue stripes, nine white stars
    • The standard of the Federal Police Forces.
  • The Second Founders/Ring of Fire - Blue with a ring of thirteen white stars or meteors. Sometimes a cross or eagle with rifles is added.
    • Formerly the flag of the militants the founded the country, later the war flag of the American Federation.
  • The Proud Defenders - Blue and red with a white eagle surrounded by thirteen white stars.
    • The flag of the founding party/militant group that ruled the early AF, the Last Patriots' Party.
  • The Crusaders' Banner - Yellow with a white cross and thirteen red stripes under it.
    • The flag of the Christian Dominion Party, the rulers of America during the Evangelical era.
  • The Banner of Holy Hate - Red, white, and black, with an eagle flying towards a fasces.
    • The flag of the Racialist regime of the 27th century.

History[edit | edit source]

Early years[edit | edit source]

In the 2050's, the leaders of the United States and their supporters implemented many rulings that made life more restrictive, to get more tax money to fund national projects and to stop militant groups. However, in the 2070's, a worldwide economic crash triggered protests from around the world against their government, including in America.

This also led to a faction of militants seceding from the United States, resulting in the Second Civil War: these militants, known as the "Last Patriots Party" or simply as the "Feddies", attracted many poorer Whites, conservatives, and outlaws that were angry with what they perceived as progressive attacks against their culture. Their first town was Marktown in Kansas, which became the capital. More people began to support the Feddies as they sought to protect themselves and resupply during the race wars and massacres of the South and Midwest: some militants sided with the Feddies, while others formed the enclaves of Aryanland to fight the Feddies to acquire more land. The Feddies were also supported by the more fanatical members of the Purge of Europe, who sought to impose a right-wing dictatorship in America similar to their countries.

During its founding, the AF was the only nation in the world to declare war on China, viewing it as a threat to its own survival. This act, along with the ensuing harrassment of Asians by angry vigilante mobs, led to the migration of nearly all of its Asian residents to other countries.

In 2082, prison camps were set up all over the country against various "delinquents", "deviant" performers, and other "vulgar" people, as their behaviours were blamed for the US's society and division. To replace the stubborn inmates that were deported to Europe, the AF government invited immigrants from European countries, some of which were ruled by strict right-wing governments. These newer, indoctrinated immigrants further fuelled the radicalisation of the AF to hate its leftist counterpart.

In 2084, President Gabriel Tyler imposed his form of Evangelical Christianity as the state church, turning the country into a theocratic dictatorship. His attempts to restrict non-Christians within the country were rescinded by the following president, Keith Vellar (a worshipper of Odin), who attempted to enforce secularism and direct it back to the USA's constitution.

In 2090, the AF had its first lunar colony.

In a later point, several militants formed the Second Confederacy to rebel against the AF's government: while it rejected slavery, it was later taken over by fascists.

In 2113, the AF sends its armies to help the Israeli resistance consolidate their own state in the Negev, after Israel is dissolved under a Palestinian conquest.

In the 2220s, the AF reluctantly received the A-Hadd medicine from chemists in Iraq, which enhances intelligence at the cost of sexual desire. As it was used by the AF against dissidents, the US's vessels tried to block the AF from receiving the shipments.

In 2250, the AF founded the first church on Mars.

In the centuries between, the US and the AF were so focused on sending people to start colonies in the other parts of the Galaxy, that at certain times they even tried to make peace.

Alwaitch[edit | edit source]

At certain periods during its later history, the AF was controlled by the Racialist faction, who mobilised the country into war against the US. It also organised punitive campaigns against the Middle East and Israel, sending fanatical young men to wage war against the militants and settlements of these realms. After a lengthy tenure by their President Alwaitch, the Eugenicist leader James Elthid attempted to turn his country's people into an army of superhumans, only to be overthrown by his officials for his forceful policies. Upset by their divergence from the intended society of the AF, the Feddians later expelled the Racialists from their country, even though they retained some of their proposals to keep their society in order.

In 2639, a young pastor from Georgia, Albert Hendwors, promoted his own movement, the Sincereist movement. The Sincereists were a charity organisation focused on helping the poor and protecting the marginalised, as they claimed that doing so honours their God, Jesus, more than expensive churches and affluent pastors. This movement had to fight the authorities because its members protected Jews, non-Whites, and people accused of "race treason", and it was supported by some Libertine towns. With the lynching of Albert five years later, some Libertine towns launched counter-attacks, killing some of the men who lynched Albert and flayed his body. To protect the Jews of America from persecution, the Evangelicals and Libertines evacuated them to Negev, where they built up the country.

In the late 27th century, growing tensions between it and the US led to the Third American Civil War. Its weaknesses and defeat allowed the US to seize more territory via lightning strikes; but its militants managed to seize control of several districts in the Midwest. It was later divided into three factions: the Midwest Dominion (a Racialist empire), the Southern League (a theocracy), and the Loyalists (the remaining AF). To avoid being dominated by the MD's clone armies, the other two AF factions brought in more immigrants from Europe and Russia to repel the MD's attacks; they eventually were forced to build their own clone armies to outpace the MD.

World War III[edit | edit source]

During World War III, the three factions of the AF attempted to convince the race-warmongers to join their sides, while sending militants to install friendly regimes elsewhere in the world. The Midwestern Dominion was more successful after annexing Aryanist mobs and being used by the Nordic State as a base of operations. The Loyalists attempted to besiege New York City, but they were stopped by the Nordic State's bombing of the city. Encouraged by the Nordic State's invasion of New York, the Midwestern Dominion sent their armies eastward to seize the irradiated city and welcome their Nordic allies, but they were repelled by the surviving Ussians and their Canadian allies.

The American Federation's remnants have taken control of parts of South America, competing against a local socialist alliance. From their colonies, the Feddians waged war on Africa and China. Feddian pirates were also sighted raiding Japan, the Philippines, the Ussians' Pacific islands, and the eastern coast of Australia. The Feddians' attempted to reestablish their country in foreign soil to replace their divided homeland, and use their territories to create an American Empire.

Eventually, the AF's three factions were defeated by the Earth Union, who won supporters that wanted revenge against the MD's punitive wars and exterminations. After the fall and defeat of the AF, many Feddians emigrated to Negev, as the Negevians considered them as builders of their country, causing the small republic to the south of Palestine to become its successor.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The territory of the American Federation comprised the Midwest and the American South. However, it also faced Aryanist rebellions in the north, and Second Confederate rebellions along the mountains of the American South.

Politics[edit | edit source]

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The society of the AF is more focused on traditional American values, "family values", racial nationalism, capitalism, evangelical Christianity, and conservatism. However, it also attracted various outcasts and suspected "bigots" from the US, leading to several competing factions within its society:

  • Evangelicals - their goal is a society bent on total submission to Christianity and the spread and enforcement of the Christian religion.
    • Their policy towards non-Christians and non-heterosexuals varied between limited tolerance to expulsion or forcible conversion, with limited rights for any of these groups that lived among them. The same policy was applied towards Christians of other denominations or any Christian that was considered "not devoted enough". Many of these Evangelicals did not tolerate "vulgar" behaviours.
    • Some Evangelical-ruled towns even banned alcohol, social media, some artistic works and pop culture from recent times or authors who did not follow their version of Christianity, and video-games.
    • Districts under their rule had their own version of Christianity as their official religion, complete with a morality police that arrested anyone suspected of vulgarity, "demon-worship", or "lack of faith".
  • Vulgarists/Libertines - their goal is a society with a lot of civil freedoms (even at the expense of respect towards Christian beliefs and traditional culture), but still fiercely opposed to leftist beliefs. Their love of pop culture, alcohol, videogames, and sex led to conflict against the other factions.
    • Some Libertines support reducing women's rights (seeing women as a threat to men) and more video games, while others preferred gender equality (to the offense of the other factions). Still other Libertines want casual and extramartial sex, adultery, pornography, and polyamoury to be legalised, especially among the runaways from the US.
    • "We male gamers are an oppressed minority!" - the phrase especially applies in areas not dominated by Libertines, where strict and harsh laws make it harder for Libertines to pursue their hobbies.
    • Their lifestyles, saturated in entertainment, would seem utterly alien and damned to the Evangelicals and Racialists. They form a third of the American Federation's people, and when the authorities rounded up hundreds of people into prison camps, the Libertines fought back by taking over several districts and repelling the morality police. Disillusioned with the AF's society, some Libertines returned to the US: they were either forgiven for their past bigotries, or they were ordered to apologise to the Internet.
    • While the Evangelicals moderate themselves and use forceful laws to please their God, and the Racialists became warlike to hate their enemies, the Libertines preferred to be as vulgar, rude, and reckless as possible to express their own lost "freedom".
  • Gamerists - their goal is a society where anyone who plays videogames (especially young and middle-aged men) are treated with the highest regard and enjoy the best privileges, as an inversion of their treatment in the USA as laughingstocks and recluses. Their goals may overlap with the Libertines as they oppose the Evangelicals' excessive devotion and the Racialists' obsessive hatred.
    • "Gamers are an oppressed minority! Gamers rise up!"
    • Upset by their Libertine allies' lack of respect towards their entitled attitude, some Gamerists established their own towns that export machine parts and artistic works. Due to attacks from hooligans and vigilantes, many of these towns are well-defended, and they also have their own Internet stations so they do not need to rely on nearby networks.
    • While many of them do exercise, they encourage people to spend more time online in their computers and gaming programmes.
    • Among their programmes include arresting tougher men who mock or bully them for playing videogames.
    • Some of them support Internet trolling as a method of social control, to mark potential enemies and weaklings among their society.
    • Even though there are women among their movement, many Gamerists are male, so they expect men and boys to be treated better than women and girls to compensate for the feminist influence in the later USA. Females are sometimes disliked by them as "the enemies of gamers", while other Gamerists became more egalitarian due to being kicked out by the other leaders of the faction.
  • Constitutionalists - their goal is the redirect America into a classical republic, instead of a racialist regime or a theocracy, by restoring the Old Constitution of the preceding USA. This faction is the least authoritarian and the more democratic of all the AF's factions, and they also reject the escalating militarism of the later AF.
    • Keith Vellar, a secretly-neopagan president, was a member of the Constitutionalists.
  • Nationalists - their goal is a society bent on making America a powerful nation that supports only its traditional culture and punishes every last of its enemies. They may overlap with the Libertines in their love of "vulgar" practices and sex, and the Warriors for their love of fighting. They also have a strong hatred of leftism, Islam, mandatory government policies, and renewable energy, which they blamed for the US's decline.
    • The Nationalists opposed the Evangelicals in several points: they wanted to make the AF a secular nation; they opposed the existence of a moral police; and they wanted to permit alcohol, rude speech, and certain forms of pop culture and digital entertainment. They preferred to use the tolerant Old Constitution instead of the AF's stricter New Constitution.
    • They are also known for their love of rallies and large trucks.
  • Warriors - their goal is a society fuelled by a love of guns, fighting, masculinity and war. While they and the Nationalists worked together to conquer the US, they disagreed on each other's vulgarity and degree of violence.
  • Racialists - their goal is to establish a White ethnostate, usually by founding new towns, migration, intimidation, terrorism, or violence. Disgusted by the continued tolerance of non-Whites in the country, some Racialists formed the militant enclave of Aryanland, killing non-Whites and anyone accused of "race treason" for revenge over the race wars.
    • Many of these Racialists were descended from warriors and militants from the Purge of Europe. After they were defeated, they joined local militants to conquer America and establish a racial dictatorship.
    • They are notorious for their strong dislike of Black and mixed people (whom they refused to regard as people), Jews (whom they viewed as the enemy of their race), and Native Americans (whom they often targeted as "the defeated").
    • One of their proposals was the "Department of National Culture", which restricted most art to several genres influenced by classical art and fascist propaganda. A similar department already existed in the AF (the Department of Morality) to enforce Christian values, but the Racialists wanted to turn it into a fascist department.
    • Other proposals include the death penalty for race-mixing; shunning and murder of pagans (a smaller amount shunned Christians and violently attacked them), single women, liberals, and non-conforming artists and delinquents; and waging war against Israel, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the rest of the world in a punitive campaign of revenge.
    • There are some peaceful Racialists who only want safe havens for White victims of violence, but they tend to be drowned out and murdered by the warmongers and those who want revenge. These ended up joining the other factions, such as the Constitutionalists and the Libertines.
  • Eugenicists - a splinter group from the Racialist faction, their goal is to turn the people of the AF into a brutal race of superhumans.
  • Utilitarians - a minor faction, this group of intellectuals proposed making society more orderly by eliminating entertainment. Their goal for society is to convert everyone into obedient drones who only think of work and absolutely nothing else, and killing off anyone who was unable to work (whether by disability, stress, or poverty). As they also proposed eliminating churches and art, this noisy faction was condemned by the rest of AF society.

Nonetheless, under the Evangelicals' rule, the AF also enacted laws that punished people for "degeneracy" or "vulgarity", which were blamed for the social collapse of the US and its disasters: for this reason, the Libertines united into a subculture and took over several districts to avoid arrest. Even as the AF has more individual liberties than the US, it sends "vulgar" people, delinquents, and dissidents to reeducation camps, where the more stubborn ones were deported to Mexico and Europe.

Socialism is banned in the American Federation, as its people blamed it for the atrocities of the Soviet Union, mass media that was hostile to the Feddians, and the transformation of the former USA into a society fanatically devoted to progressivism at the expense of traditional values and families. Within the American Federation, anyone accused of promoting socialism is arrested and sent to a prison camp: to avoid this, many accused people turned to the fickle mercy of the Libertines to protect themselves. After they survived their time in the prison camps, the accused would be banned from many jobs and public spaces, somewhat like how accused bigots were temporarily blacklisted in the US. The ban against socialism is also exploited by politicians to keep many Feddians poor and remain in power.

Economy[edit | edit source]

The American Federation practices a capitalist economy. Although some businesses are managed by the government, they are not as powerful as the corporations, which relocated there to avoid being dissolved by the US's socialist government. Like the USA before it, the corporations have a more dominant presence in daily life, contributing to poverty and higher prices in spite of lower taxes.

Unlike the US, the AF is very protective of the concept of private property, to the extent that citizens and police officers there can kill people simply for trespassing or vandalism. This also leads to them being willing to sacrifice hundreds of workers just to preserve a luxury item or a grand building. The police forces of the AF are harsher than their corrupt predecessors.

Although taxes are lower than in other countries, and wages are also lower to prevent making prices expensive for customers and to ensure that the rich stay wealthy. Some corporations in the AF intentionally force their customers to pay more to access even the most basic of their services, which have become more generic and dull in later times.

As the US became more dependent on automation, cooperatives, and militants who withheld their resources and tore the country apart, its economy was eventually outpaced by the corporate-dominated AF. Even though occasional crashes and withholdings by the Marxist communes brought many more Ussians into poverty, a portion of the AF's people remained in poverty, due to the rising cost of living and social attitudes against the poor.

Military[edit | edit source]

While the US's advantage is technology and numbers, the AF's advantages are fanaticism and weaponry. The existing manpower of the AF is supported by waves of immigrants and militants from Europe and Russia; and some amounts of clones when cloning became affordable.

In the AF, the police forces have greater powers, to the extent that the authorities sometimes merged them into the army.

Society[edit | edit source]

Society[edit | edit source]

The society of the AF is more focused on tradition, White racialism, religious devotion, and heterosexual families. However, it also had harsh punishments against delinquency and "degeneration" (behaviour that violates Christian beliefs, opposes "Western civilisation", and attacks White people and American culture), as its leaders wanted to revert their nation into a "utopia" in their image. Suspected "degenerates", "anti-socials", and "unmanly men" and "unfeminine women" could be sent to reeducation camps, whether they were forced to recant their views to be accepted back into society.

The people of the AF are very proud of their nation, seeing it as the "true defenders of Christianity and the White race". They expect every nation in the world to adopt their individualist system and their Christian faith, and during the Racialist years, they considered themselves superior to everyone else.

Life in the AF[edit | edit source]

Angered by their treatment and ostracism during the 2020 pandemic, many Feddies do not wear sanitary masks, take vaccines, or accept orders from the federal government, as they consider these to be threats against their rights. They also tend to be more inconsiderate and irresponsible, preferring to let their neighbourhoods burn after celebrating parties as a way of getting revenge against their long-gone opponents.

Influenced by their art and their school curriculums, Feddians tend to spend less time on the Internet or on television. Their reasons include not wanting to be like "Internet trolls" or "making themselves become paragons of their race". They prefer things like golf, boxing, shooting, painting, writing, jogging, farming, praying, and racing in cars; and they look down on cartoons, videogames, comics, and fandoms, and the Libertine subculture that loves these things.

Libertines, a portion of the AF with their own rights and rules, have different hobbies than the rest of the AF. Their hobbies include TV shows, videogames, digital art, exercising in the gym, comics, cartoons, and fandoms, inherited from the USA and the US.

The A-Hadd serum -- a liquid medicine developed firstly in Iraq and then in Switzerland -- is especially popular among the Evangelical and Warrior factions for eliminating human lust while enhancing intelligence. However, its elimination of sexual desire also led to riots by the Libertines, Racialists, and other communities, especially when it was mandatory.

Many parts of the AF banned vaccinations, as they reminded people of the strict policies and lockdowns of the 2020 plague. They also risk allowing hundreds of infections as they refuse to enact lockdowns to stop the spread of pandemics, and they also honour anyone who dies from said pandemics as national heroes.

It also tried to block the US's eastern half from trading with the socialist republic of Cuba; however, it also fought US ships that tried to block shipments from reaching the AF, such as gallons of the A-Hadd serum. When some A-Hadd ships sank, the spilled medicine killed off the surrounding schools of fish.

The founders of the AF taught about the dangers of "Big Pharma", a conspiracy of powerful rivalling pharmaceutical companies who produce poor medicine to keep people dependent on them to earn profit. Applying their teachings, some pharmaceutical businesses were banned in the AF and replaced with smaller groups that produced their own independent medicines, while some medicines (like the A-Hadd) were nationalised under the service of the National Church. The medicines of the AF were derived from what the rest of the world referred as "alternative medicine", having varying levels of success that left more people sick.

In the AF, women were permitted to have careers outside the home, to be single, to travel and live anywhere, and to vote, but they had to give way to men and higher roles were reserved for Christian men. The AF looks down on single people in general, but they tolerate single men who become soldiers. Non-heterosexuals in the AF were forcibly "cured" with drinkable medicine or with beatings and electrocutions.

Although people in the AF depending only on churches and charities to deal with their own poor, they hate all homeless people as "potential criminals". In urban areas, that hatred is extended towards people who suffer from extreme poverty. Anti-homeless architecture is mandatory in all public buildings in the AF, reflecting the nationwide hatred of vagrants. Many local governments in the AF only selectively help some people when disasters strike, preferring to force the rest to survive on private charities, survive by themselves, or die as "parasites".

Soy is banned in the AF, and people are encouraged by society and state media to eat more meat. This is done out of spite against the US's poor testosterone levels and contempt towards traditional gender roles.

Like the US, Internet trolling and "dogpiling" (harrassment by a group of Internet users) are popular among youngsters, even though these habits are discouraged by the government, the Evangelicals, and the churches for diverting time away from training and worship. Most participants in these subcultures belong to the Libertines and Warriors factions, seeking either to pick on any who do not conform to their views, fight each other in flame war contests, or sabotage enemy nations with harrassment and hacking campaigns. They sometimes also fight against Russian cyber-warriors to dominate the Internet. For some unruly people, trolling and irritating people has become their only idea of entertainment, "comedy", and "freedom", and they fervently defend their habit of trolling as a lifestyle from conformist Evangelicals and irritated Libertines.

In response to the growing number of Internet trolling cases, morality classes are implemented in public schools, which included lessons for adolescents on how to behave on the Internet. The Libertines were outraged by this, as they considered it "stopping them from expressing themselves".

While Feddians accused their Ussian enemies of hunting people down and punishing them over past statements and Internet posts, they did the same towards their own brethren over posts accused of support for socialism and opposition to America.

Artistic works[edit | edit source]

Artistic works in the American Federation tend to consist of several categories:

  • morality plays and propaganda that teach Christianity, conservatism, and (in later times) racialism;
  • repetitive films and television shows centred around men and traditional families;
  • beautiful classical art;
  • "vulgar" videogames and movies reserved for the Libertine subculture. These may include comedies, action movies, first-person shooters, science fiction, compilations of people doing ridiculous things or failures, "owning the libs", and erotica.

Upon even the slightest deviation from a series of ideals, an artistic work might face harsh condemnation, even from Libertines who might otherwise tolerate them. The "deviations" range from simply promoting women and non-Whites, to any negative comments against Whites, Christianity, or American culture, to the mere existence of homosexual characters.

One thing that made Feddian shows better than their USA predecessors was that popular shows were encouraged to last for more than four or five seasons, while disliked or stale shows lasted for up to two or three at best.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

The AF's racial makeup tends to have a White majority, with Black, Native American, Hispanic, and mixed minorities. Most people in the AF use a form of English with archaicisms from the 1950's and the 1980's, with minorities that use Native American languages, Spanish, or European languages from the immigrants (such as Russian, German, Afrikaans, Polish, and Hungarian). However, the government insists that everyone in the AF must at least use the English language in order to retain citizenship.

In place of the "vulgar people" that were gone and hundreds of Americans who died from neglect or disasters, it invites immigrants from Russia, Western Europe, the Caribbean, southern Africa, and the Nordic State, so its government allowed communities established by these immigrants to use their languages and practice their customs within their districts.

As the AF government viewed its former society's rejection (or mistreatment) of its White majority as one of the factors that led to its downfall, it also enacted laws that made any offense against White people ("anti-White racism") a criminal offense. While a few districts in the AF banned interracial relationships, various acts ranging from promoting certain cultures to insulting and threatening White people (whether with words, actions, or even internet comments) led to arrests. This led to more outrage in the US and Africa, who accused the AF of "White supremacy"; but it improved relations with Visegrad, the Nordic State, and their allies in Europe. This also led to more violence against non-Whites or non-conformists, who were accused by vigilantes of "race treason".

Initially, the AF prided itself as "the defender of Western civilisation" or as a "Christian nation": but as the Racialists took over, the AF often boasted about itself as a "harsh White civilisation" in response to the US's condemnation of "Whiteness" in official media. The Racialist regime also threatened to wage war against the rest of the world in the name of revenge.

AF society is divided into three main cultures: the Evangelicals, who are very devoted to their strict form of Christianity; the Libertines, who care more about their pleasures and democracy; and the Racialists, who are obsessed with supremacy and dominance.

Districts[edit | edit source]

As the AF was founded by conservatives, it was planned to function more like a federation, even in spite of occasional Evangelical dominion. Therefore, states and districts were allowed to practice their own customs, as long as their practices did not conflict with the AF's New Constitution.

Certain districts were predominated by a particular ethnic or religious group (aside from White Evangelicals), such as Blacks, Europeans, Jews, Native Americans (by their particular tribe), Hispanics, Catholics, Baptists, Amish, and Methodists. In those districts, people that lived within them were given more freedom to practice their customs and beliefs, use their native languages, and build their own churches, temples, or synagogues.

Sometimes, they have extended this system to districts dominated by atheists, Asatruar, European pagans, and (in later times) Muslims; and to ideologues such as Libertines, Nationalists, and Racialists (the latter was revoked when the Racialists became a serious threat to the AF, although they have partially influenced AF society).

Evangelical districts tend to be more old-fashioned and devout, with harsh laws and a religious police to force the locals to obey the rulers' version of Christianity. Libertine districts seem very different from the rest of the country, as people there enjoy more freedoms and entertainment that are otherwise banned elsewhere in the country. Racialist districts tend to be more militarised: while they kept their white-picket-fence neighbourhoods and churches like some Evangelical towns do, the denizens train their youth to become more violent and radical, wandering in vigilante gangs instead of hanging around in coffee-houses and libraries like their Evangelical counterparts. The Libertines organised themselves to take over various districts, mainly to avoid being arrested by the Evangelicals' morality police and fight back.

Usually, Libertines had to disguise themselves when crossing into Evangelical or Racialist districts, to avoid breaking local laws and going to jail or being beaten up by hooligans.

Some districts have become more militant, encouraged by the AF's desire for vengeance and retribution: for example, the Catholic districts have become more militarised, sending their young men to the army as "crusading knights". Another set of militarised district is the "Whitopia", communes established by the Racialist faction. These communes were originally set up as safe havens for White Feddians who sought protection from violence, murders, or race wars; but as the Racialists became more powerful, these communes also built their own militias either to support the AF or overthrow its government and seize power. A third example of a militarised district would be in the Nationalists or the Warriors, who are less organised and more crude.

Holidays[edit | edit source]

  • MLK Day (no longer observed during Racialist times)
    • A day of resistance against Racialist domination.
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Juneteenth - June 16 (observed in some districts and states)
    • Also a day of resistance against Racialist domination.
  • July 4
  • Baseball Day - July 23
  • Restoration Day - August 13
    • This was the day when the Battle of Marktown was fought against local authorities, the National Guard, and vigilantes. The town in Kansas was seized by the Last Patriots Party, who declared the establishment of the American Federation.
    • This is marked with fireworks shows and prayer services. Libertine towns celebrate by burning a building, while Racialists celebrate with public executions.
  • Day of the Ubermensch - October 17 (replaced MLK Day during Racialist times)
    • Used by the Racialist regime as their national day. Marked with military marches where vigilante groups and gangs joined in, or with barbecue parties.
    • Also celebrated with public executions and murders.
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Cultural holidays[edit | edit source]

  • Super Bowl
  • Kentucky Derby
  • days of saints (Catholics)

Memorials[edit | edit source]

The Feddians had memorials to honour the victims of communist and Marxist regimes, various White people killed in murders and riots, billions and trillions of lost jobs due to various pandemics, and hundreds of people who attempted to overthrow the USA government to impose a right-wing regime before the Second Civil War. Their goal is to spread American values and usher in a Westernised society dedicated to fearful obedience towards the Christian God and their White race.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Angered by the secularised and sexualised society of the USA, the AF's people became more fervent in their religious beliefs, to the extent that religious imagery is used by their government and they even had an official state church to enforce their religion on their America. Some Americans also depicted themselves as "crusaders".

The national and official religion of the American Federation is Evangelical Protestant Christianity, represented by the National Church of America. To enforce their beliefs and avoid anything associated with the United States, the AF has its own morality police.

Other religions in the AF include Judaism, other forms of Christianity (Catholics, Amish, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals), a growing community of Asatruar, and Native American religions. Later on, the AF's government tolerated Orthodox Christians, European pagans, and a few Muslims, to accommodate more immigrants from Europe, Russia, and South Africa.

However, they were very restrictive towards Muslim and atheist immigrants, permitting only a selected few (such as skilled technicians from Tunisia or Albania; some Estonian or Czech scientists; or the chemists for the A-Hadd medicine) out of their dislike of Islam and atheism as "violent threats against the country". These selected, trusted few were only allowed to move within their guarded communes. If they were to move anywhere else in that America with a permit, they were accompanied by several guards, never allowed to be alone. They were also forbidden from communicating with ordinary citizens, unless when the authorities allowed or ordered them to do so.

There is also a small portion of existing atheists, but the AF looks down on them as traitors who were blamed for the USA's decline and the US's hostile society against the AF. People who were caught becoming atheists were publicly shamed and accused of treason and supporting the US.

Due to the growing influence of the Racialists in AF society, many Feddians dislike Jews, accusing them of being responsible for the Second Civil War or attacks against its White majority. Like atheists, Jews were forced to wear marks to distinguish them, and were threatened with deportation and violence. The Racialists sometimes organised mass deportations of Jews to Israel and Africa. In their growing fanaticism, they also mark dissidents and protestors (who do not support the regime) for deportation or death. Many Jews and Gentiles emigrated to the Republic of Negev, where its American people formed half of its population.

On the other hand, the Libertines oppose the Racialists' extreme and hateful measures: a large number of them are Jews and atheists. However, Libertine communities also had to tackle with some of their members' hatred of Islam and atheism.

Terminology[edit | edit source]

Official[edit | edit source]

  • The American Federation
  • The Christian States of America/Christian Dominion of America
  • The Patriotic Federation
  • The American Heartland

Unofficial[edit | edit source]

Positive[edit | edit source]

  • Land of Faith
  • Land of the Cross/Land of the Cross and Rifle
  • Land of Freedom
  • Land of Truth
  • New Europe/West Europe
  • The Blessed Land
  • Holy America
  • White Homeland
  • Whitopia
  • Basedland

Negative[edit | edit source]

  • Colonialist Oppressors (US)
  • Racist Traitors (US)
    • Referring to the underlying contempt in AF society against anyone who is not White, male, and heterosexual, and the mobs who accused anyone outside these characteristics with "weakening Western civilisation".
  • Second Confederacy (US)
  • Fourth Reich (US)
  • The Holy Reich (US)
  • Holy Evangelical Empire
    • Also used by the Libertine subculture against their Evangelical overlords.
  • The Christian Empire of America (US, Arabia)
  • Jesus' Empire/Empire of Jesus (US, Nordic State)
  • Racistland (US)
  • Bigotistan (US)
  • The Cursed Land
  • Naziland (US)
    • Also used by the Libertine subculture against the then-dominant Racialist faction's restrictions and punishments against their hobbies.
  • Aryanland (US, Visegrad)
    • Not to be confused with the Aryanland enclaves that waged war against the AF, seeking to overthrow it and unleash a warmongering empire bent on vengeance.
  • White Supremacy (US, European Union)
    • Referring to the overshadowing influence of the Racialist faction that made the country more militant, seeking to punish and attack anyone who is not White.
  • Mask-Haters (US)
    • Whenever a pandemic breaks out, the AF never imposes any lockdowns, nor do its people wear any protective masks. They do this to honour the jobs that were lost during the 2020 pandemic.
  • Heretics (Visegrad)
  • Slaves of Loki (Nordic State)
  • Bootstrappers (US)
    • Referring to the lack of social programmes and the nationwide hatred of homeless and poor people.
  • Redpill Reich, Redpill Regime

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Americans from the AF are known as "Feddies" or "Feddians", from the word "federation".
  • This America was based on Internet commenters and trolls, usually from right-wing groups such as QAnon, Counter-jihad, anti-maskers during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the "white nationalist" groups (such as the Groypers and the Alt-Right). It is also influenced by Christian fundamentalist preachers and right-wing politicians. This whole article is a "stimulation" by the author to guess what kind of society they would create if all of them became the rulers of America.
    • The Libertines, a counter-culture against the AF's religious and/or racialist society, were based on Gamergate, Comicsgate, and reactionary fans like The Fandom Menace (a conservative subculture within Star Wars).

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