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The Isles of Pain (Pinogunian: Itami no Zima) are several islands located to the east of the Pinogunian town of Pynemati.


The Isles of Pain were built during the Ontemazei Empire, when the Ontemazei brought human prisoners from nearby lands to be tortured. They were later seized by the Wannaenid Empire, who send Pinogunian prisoners to be tortured in those islands to punish them for the Esamian Massacres.

Only two Isles of Pain continue to exist, as the others have decayed and become exposed to human intervention. A few people managed to escape the islands.


The islands are inhabited by various automatons and hundreds of human prisoners. If anyone is killed by the robots living in the island, the person reappears and is revived to live a repetitive life, only to be stabbed or killed again and again.

Manaba Island[]

Manaba Island ("School Island") is the eastern island of the two. It is known for its school-like cities, where teachers and classmates torment and stab the human "students".

Kedamono Island[]

Kedamono Island ("Animal Island") is the western island. It is known for its automatons resembling animals, armed with blades.


  • These islands were inspired by a nightmare that the author had at February 2021. The first part of that nightmare involved seeing a Korean youth being harrassed by Japanese students who later hunted him as he tried to escape the school, and the second part was about cartoon animals trying to kill the author using axes and knives.

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