This is a list of events in the Rinnarverse's history.

Divisions of history before the 21st century AD/CE[edit | edit source]

Ancient Age (prehistory)[edit | edit source]

Bronze Age[edit | edit source]

Iron Age[edit | edit source]

Classical Age/First Enlightenment[edit | edit source]

  • 64-313 - Various Roman emperors persecute and kill the members of the growing Christian religion, accusing them of treason.
  • 15 Mar 270 - 6 Dec 343 - St. Nicholas lives as a bishop of the city of Myra.
  • 4th century AD - 23 Apr 303 - St. George lives as a member of the Praetorian Guard under the Roman emperor Diocletian. For refusing to worship the emperor, he was put to death.
  • Feb 313 - Constantine tolerated Christianity, disallowing persecution of its believers by the authorities.
  • 341, 356-357 - Constantius II, son of Constantine, enacts laws that ban the worship of the Roman gods, even threatening death to anyone who continues to worship them.
  • 375 - Later Roman emperors begin attacking worshippers of the Roman pantheon, under the influence of the bishop Ambrose.
    • For contributing to the growing dominance of the Roman church in social life in Europe and its persecutions of pagans, Ambrose is condemned by the Norse Galactics as a villain and a religious fanatic.
  • 27 Feb 380 - Christianity replaces the Roman imperial cult as the state religion of the Roman Empire. The Roman authorities began persecuting people suspected of heresy, such as Arians.

Early Mediaeval Age[edit | edit source]

  • Oct 782 - Charlemagne massacres 4,500 Saxons for refusing to convert to Christianity.
    • For this reason, Vetarbroitar and their Rinnarit successors depict him as though he was his time's equivalent of Adolf Hitler. Therefore, one popular depiction of him was being whipped and tortured by a demon in Hell, alongside other leaders such as Olaf Tryggvason, the Roman emperors, the popes, and Soviet and American leaders.
    • On the other hand, his enemy Widukind is celebrated as a hero and a saint.
  • 8 June, 793 - Eager to plunder its banks, a Norse fleet raids the monasteries of the island of Lindisfarne to the northeast of England.
    • As the Nordic State celebrated this as its ancestors' revenge against the "Christian tyrants", the raid of Lindisfarne is celebrated by its Vetarbroitar and Farsider descendants, as a symbol of revenge against the Earth Union. "Disfarna", a term meaning "to launch a revenge attack", is named after the raid.
  • 865 - Ivar the Boneless, a Norse leader, leads a great army to invade England.
    • His cruelty made him a role model among many Vetarbroitar, who sought revenge against the Earth Union and other enemies. The Vetarbroitar and Farsiders that joined Ivan York nicknamed him "Ivarson", celebrating the latter's ruthlessness.
  • 990s - Olaf Tryggvason becomes King of Norway, and orders the people of his kingdom to convert to Christianity under pain of death.
  • 1001-1023 - Mahmud of Ghazni, a Turkic sultan, wages wars against the Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms of India to plunder their wealth, maintain loyalty with Abbasid Caliphate, and build his capital at Ghazni at Zabulistan (Afghanistan).
  • 1025 - Mahmud of Ghazni plunders the Somnath Temple.
    • According to Rinnarit society, India is revered as the source of the country's culture. Therefore, any enemy of India is also an enemy of the Rinnarit Republic.
  • 1173 - The Waldensian movement began in France. They rejected the doctrines of the Catholic Church, which they condemned as idolatrious.
    • Rinnarits considered the Waldensians to be the only real Christians in the Middle Ages. They believed that if the Waldensians were exterminated, God would have sent a disaster to exterminate Europe.
  • 1178-1192 - King Prithviraj stops the Muslim Ghurid Sultanate from conquering India, but was defeated and slain.
  • 1250s-1870 - Roughly 150,000 were executed for crimes against the Catholic Church by its Inquisition.

Later Mediaeval Age[edit | edit source]

  • 1398-1399 - Seeing an opportunity in a local civil war, the warlord Timur (or Tamerlane) wages wars against the kingdoms of India. After defeating the local kings, he desecrated and plundered the temples and slaughtered thousands of Hindu and Muslim locals.
  • 1431 - the Siamese invade the Khmer Empire by seizing its capital at Angkor Thom. The Khmer Empire weakens until it seeks French intervention in 1863 to avoid total subjugation/destruction by Siam and Vietnam.
  • May 29, 1453 - the Ottomans besiege and conquer Constantinople. Contemporary reports vary between 4,000 to several thousand people being slaughtered by the victorious Ottomans.
    • Because the Rinnarit Republic's state church practiced Greek Orthodox rites in opposition to Rome, this day is treated as a day of mourning. But when a Greek army conquered Istanbul before the Farsider siege of Earth, it was turned into a day of celebration.

First Renaissance[edit | edit source]

  • 1526 - The warlord Babur conquers northwestern India and founds the Mughal Empire.
  • 1580-1630 - Around 40,000-60,000 people were executed for supposed witchcraft by various authorities in Europe.
  • 1583 - Naresuan of Siam invades Cambodia.
  • 1591-1594 - Siamese-Cambodian War. Siam captures the Khmer capital, Longvek.
  • 1620-late 17th century - Vietnam conquers the Mekong Delta from Khmer rule.

Second Enlightenment[edit | edit source]

  • 1680-1707 - Emperor Aurangzeb enforces a harsher form of Islam upon his whole empire. His wars against the independent Maratha Empire and persecutions caused the deaths of 4.6 million people.

Industrial Age[edit | edit source]

  • 1757-1858 - The British East India Company rules over India, exploiting and enslaving the locals to produce resources for the British Empire.
  • 1857 - A rebellion takes place in India, leading to the defeat of the British East India Company. The British government directly rules India.

First World War[edit | edit source]

Second World War[edit | edit source]

  • 1 September, 1939-2 September, 1945 - World War II breaks out between two factions: the Allies (America, Britain, the Soviet Union, and China) and the Axis (Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan). The Allies prevail.

First Cold War[edit | edit source]

  • America and another empire, the Soviet Union, attempt to influence world events and spread their power across the world.
  • 1954 - Graham is born.
  • 1 November, 1955-30 April, 1975 - The Vietnam War breaks out between America and South Vietnam against North Vietnam. It ends with North Vietnam conquering South Vietnam and imposing its communist society upon the remaining southerners.
  • Mar 14, 1973 - Griffulgar, the greatest of all tabletop games, is founded in the United States.
  • 1977 - Gabriel's wife has divorced from him.
  • 1978 - Gabriel works as a truck driver delivering beer across the streets of Muncie, Indiana.
  • 1980 - Graham moves into Gabriel's neighbourhood, the Pearly Gates.
  • 1981 - Graham falls in love with a linguist, Felicia Aberran.
  • April 1982 - Gabriel stumbles upon a time machine discovered by his friend as he was fishing.
  • June 19, 1982 - He, his cat, Graham, and Felicia enter it one day, and are taken thousands of years into the future.
  • 1993 - Architects of Sampreah, a tabletop game, is released.
  • May 24, 1993 - Wicker and Wander Flame is released in Britain. It will eventually become the basis for the national culture of Bigton thousands of years later.

Events leading to World War III[edit | edit source]

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Internet Age/Dark Age[edit | edit source]

See also: The Internet Age

This age was named as such because of the widespread use of the Internet and its influence in radicalising people into waging wars. It could also be from Galactic people reading Internet comments and remarks by politicians among surviving historical records, resulting in very negative attitudes towards Earthlings and depictions of them as evildoers. Others referred it as "the Dark Age", due to the tensions that led to World War III; or "the War on Terror" for the early decades' conflict against various militant groups.

As a result of its horrible events leading to the birth of the Earth Union and the supposed backwardsness of those centuries' peoples, many Galactic peoples (who were created and descended from clones) disliked and persecuted Americans, Russian, Chinese, and Arabs, blaming them for those events.

The Oncoming Storm[edit | edit source]

  • 13 June, 2014-2040's - The Global War on Terror is focused against the Black Gloves (a criminal cartel) and its massacres in the Middle East and other parts of Asia and Africa.
  • 2010's-2030's - China starts various projects to help dozens of countries in Africa build their infrastructure: however, these projects threaten smaller local businesses who might become overwhelmed by Chinese goods. This prompts India to develop a network of ports to defend itself from pirates and other navies.January 2020 - A worldwide plague forces many countries to enact quarantines to stop its spread. Another recession ensues.
  • May 2020 - Protests erupt all over the United States against widespread police brutality.
  • 2020-2024 - Due to a lack of coordination and resources between the governments of the world, and due to riots by anti-maskers in richer countries, the plague continues for four years, killing a third of Earth's population.
  • 2020's - China's and India's economies surpass the United States. They are also challenged by Brazil, the European Union, Russia, and Poland.
  • 2050's - America's bureaucracy becomes too pervasive and demanding, leading to frustration from the general populace.
  • 2058 - First attempted colonisation of the Moon: Yugong Research Station, under China.

Catalyst Years[edit | edit source]

  • 2060 - The entire world is affected by an economic crash, plunging millions into poverty.
  • 2060's - Economic troubles cause nationalistic politicians to dominate the governments of various nations in Europe. The Purge of Europe is held, as thousands of foreigners and suspected leftists are forcibly deported and exiled by right-wing groups and police forces. The Americans send their forces to defend the remnants of Europe's democracies from being overrun by the Russian-backed right-wing armies.
  • 2060's - The Nordic State, a fascist regime, is formed from the former governments of Norway and Sweden. It launches attacks against Denmark and Finland to incorporate them into their control.
  • 2060's-2070's - The "Mediterranean Exchanges" occur: militants and Internet commenters from Europe and Arab and North African countries raid and kill each other, seeking revenge over historical crimes and murders. Some of these militants also attempt attacks against Israel and the US, while others immigrate to the AF.
  • 2070's - Growing tensions and violence between ideologues, and anger from an American underclass of "bigots" from being rejected from nearly every job and business and the growing bureaucracy, cause the United States to split into two nations: the leftist-held United States (in the coasts and the Midwest) and the conservative American Federation (along the heartland).
  • Clashes ensue between the two Americas as they claim to be the legitimate successor of the 21st-century superpower, leading to the Second American Civil War. It ends with a stalemate. This results in a brief economic disruption that affects much of the world.
  • 2070s - Second attempted colonisation of the Moon: Pakoseyimowin Station, under the US.
  • As more people leave the corrupt regimes of Central America for the US, some of these regimes collapse due to having low population, and are seized by stronger governments or warlords. Mexico sends its soldiers eastward to enforce order in some of the unstable Central American countries.
  • 2084-2088 - The American Federation makes Christianity (or its own version of it) its state religion, leading to restrictions against its minorities.
  • The US is usurped by a Stalinist president who imposes strict laws to remake America into the Soviet Union's image. He is defeated by a revolt.
  • In the wake of the Stalinist president's rule, several US states secede from the two Americas to form the republics of Lakhota, Oklahoma (Native American), Deseret (formerly Utah, Mormon), Jefferson (libertarian), and Aryanland (White supremacist). Lakhota, Deseret, and Jefferson remain as close allies to avoid reprisals from Aryanist and US reprisals.
  • Criminals were sent on ships bound for Mars as a method of execution.

Age of the Four Powers/Age of the Six Powers[edit | edit source]

See also: Age of the Six Powers

This age is named as such for the four superpowers of Earth during that time: the United States, China, Arabia, and Russia. Its name has changed with the ascension of Mexico and Australia.

Other "unofficial" superpowers included India, Turkey, and Brazil.

During that time, the more-powerful nations of the world have achieved rapidly-formed technology, allowing them to supply their armed forces more better. Many nations are also starting to recycle their existing resources, making profits from reforging scraps.

The Rise of Visegrad; the Age of A-Hadd; the Death of Freedom[edit | edit source]

  • The Second Confederacy becomes less violent as the fascistic rulers are overthrown: while the American Federation attempts to open relations with it, it is still shunned by the United States for its predecessor's legacy.
  • The non-Native parts of the Southwest secede and are annexed into the Republic of Mexico -- the American Federation and the Second Confederacy attempt to bring these states back into their control, but with little success.
  • 2100s - Some nations rely on robots to fight their enemies, while other countries begin to clone humans to replace soldiers lost in wars. The nationalistic realms in Europe and the Middle East still rely on sexual reproduction, which takes longer to produce more soldiers to wage their wars.
    • Although the Europeans, Middle Easterners, and Africans produced cloned armies, they did so only to avoid the risk of being overrun by their opponents' or neighbours' armies. Another reason why they restricted human cloning was to avoid losing clone facilities to local militants, who would use their clone armies to wage genocide against their opponents.
    • Occasionally, some militant groups in Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Africa captured clone farms to rapidly build armies. These groups tended to massacre anyone who got into their way, drawing more powerful states from waging war against their targets.
  • 2123-2142 - Under High King Ivar Hefnablod, the Nordic State unleashes armies of clones to conquer more lands. While many of their invasions were defeated, some of the clones retained fortresses with the help of local extremists who wanted to use them to take over local governments, including nationalist regimes that they considered unsatisfactory.
    • In one particular incident, Nordic troops dug out the graves of Adolf Hitler and his officials, and tore up their skeletons as a sacrifice to Odin.
  • 2200s - The Visegrad League of central Europe secedes from the European Union's attempts to impose socialistic policies upon their societies. It refuses attempts by the Nordic State or Russia to annex them. The Visegradian governments continue the nationalistic policies of their predecessors from the Purge of Europe.
    • Some states focused more on building armies (the "Fortresses"), while other states focused on traditions and heterosexual families (the "Nests"). Any attempts by any member state to "mobilise" the "Nests" towards a campaign of war is met with heavy resistance; and many member states disliked and shunned Whites who had mixed ancestry.
    • These states also had to fight rogue clone armies. The clone militants either attacked Visegrad and committed terrorism to punish their people for not being fascist/racialist enough, or raided the European Union and other continents to slaughter non-Whites.
    • In response to the Visegrad League's militarisation, the European Union becomes a socialist bloc. Unlike the Warsaw Pact of old, it was more like a federation that housed various dissidents, but some of its people strongly disliked tradition in general for fuelling the Visegradians' zealotry.
    • At the same time, some African states were overthrown by local fascist regimes. Some of these regimes used fascism to force their own people to quickly become powerful, while others sought to subjugate their neighbours or non-Africans.
  • 2220s - A chemical is developed in Iraq that enhances mental power at the expense of the drinker's sexual desires, known as the A-Hadd ("S-Harp"). It is then distributed to various conservative countries: some sell it to students and scientists, while others make it mandatory to consume the drink. Certain countries, governments, and groups denounced the drink's existence as "evil", either because it eliminates the drinker's sexual desire while enhances their intelligence, or because it is used by various governments to reduce their peoples into obedient slaves.
    • While shipments of the A-Hadd were transported to the American Federation, United States ships attempted to block the ships from reaching the American South, leading to clashes along the east coast.
    • The A-Hadd chemical is used by governments and religious leaders in the Middle East, and parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia to force their people into unquestioning obedience -- in some countries, its people were not so different from the cloned soldiers that they fought alongside. They also used it to eliminate non-heterosexuality by forcibly mutating people into heterosexuals. It also led to the erosion of human rights and innovation, in spite of slower technological growth and scientific advancement.
    • Some people referred the FTL Age as the "Second/Third Dark Age", due to the influence of the A-Hadd chemical resulting in lesser dissent and freedoms being abolished.

FTL Age; Secession of Mars; The Birth of Gotaland[edit | edit source]

  • 2234 - FTL (faster than light) travel is discovered, leading to easier access between Earth and its colonies on the Moon. The richest companies in the world begin relocating to the Moon to build factories manned by robots under several technicians.
  • 2245 - The Global Court succeeds the United Nations as a peacekeeping force, its authority looming over those of its member states. The Nordic Union rejects the GC's invitations, followed by the Visegradians, the Russians, and dozens of countries in Africa and South America, and a few more in Asia -- they sacrificed the chance to become wealthy to maintain their independence, forming the Free Peoples of the World.
  • 2246 - The richest companies on Earth and the Global Court's escorts begin mining asteroids. Years later, the resulting stream of raw materials and metal cause sharp inequality between the Powers and their allies, against the rest of the world. The other countries form the Third Non-Aligned League, the Antipode Alliance, and the Samudravarman Alliance (3NAL, AA, SamAl). Australia forms the AA, and India builds the SamAl.
    • Rapidly-replicating machines were developed, triggering a new age of space colonisation, militarisation, escalation, and attempts in attaining Galactic supremacy.
  • 2247 - Europe is torn into four: the European Union, the Visegrad League, the Nordic State, and the Slavic League. Switzerland, Finland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Iceland create an alliance to keep the four powers' influence out.
  • 2248-2270 - The other three alliances send their spacecraft to mine asteroids. Although their ships get raided by the Four Powers, they manage to return the raw materials to Earth, allowing the other nations to catch up with the Powers.
  • 2250 - The first Martian colony, Igualdad, was established by a US party, and was lauded by its Latin American allies for its "diversity". The following decades involved the construction of rival colonies by its rivals in America (especially the American Federation) and the rest of Earth.
    • The first church on Mars is built and consecrated by the first of the AF colonies, New Jefferson.
  • 2251-2279 - Many colonies were set up along the eastern surface of Mars to curb Earth's overpopulation problem, sparking the Deportation Wars. The governments win against the armies of poorer people, sending thousands of impoverished Earthlings to the domed cities of Mars.
    • More refugees flee to central Africa, where they are given jobs and a decent income. However, this also sparks more clashes between locals and the foreigners.
    • Some hundreds of refugees instead go to several newly-built islands to the southwest of Indonesia: many of them are impoverished Muslims invited by the Indonesian, Malaysian, Maldivian, and Bangladeshi governments to settle at the artificial islands.
  • 2281 - The first ships are able to withstand the heat of the heliopause.
  • 2303 - First colonies on Alpha Centauri B built by New Arkola and its allies from Russia. To the disappointment and rage of their Russian homeland, these colonies are dedicated to Svarog.
  • 24th century - The first cloned humans are sent in several waves: Americans and Nordics to the western Milky Way; and the Arabs, Chinese, and Russians settle at the eastern Milky Way. Another wave consists of Martian colonists who fan out to the Galactic centre. Some humans use their own ships to escape their countries' governments to form their own pirate colonies and fleets.
    • A serum, the Ostrii (острый), was developed by a Polarian colonist to help her fellow colonists focus better. Like the A-Hadd chemical, it enhanced intelligence and eliminated sexual urges; but it also enhanced creativity and allowed non-heterosexuals to preserve their orientations.
  • 2556, 2559 - With resources gained from mining asteroids, Mexico and Australia join the Four Powers. However, they wage war against the Global Court and its relocations to Mars.
  • With Danish and Visegradian help, the Kingdom of Götaland (in southern Sweden) secedes from the Nordic State. It refuses to join the bureaucracy-bound EU.
  • 2562 - Angered by the Global Court's mass deportations, Mars' colonies unite into two powerful states: the Martian Federation in the north, and the League-Republic of Olympus Mons in the south.
  • The growing native republics of America combine into the Republic of Turtle Island, also in response to the mass deportations of 2562. Turtle Island opens relations with the United States, which recognises its independence.

Later years; Volandr's Game[edit | edit source]

  • 2573 - Yfir-Jarl Osbrand, ruler of the Nordic State, gives his general Volandr a colony at the western Milky Way, which the latter builds with his wife and 800 other settlers. For 10 years Volandr builds an army of clones to colonise the Milky Way.
    • Volandr's goal was to create an army, not only to stop the Four Powers and the Nordic State from becoming too powerful by colonising the Milky Way; but also to punish them and end their global conflict.
    • He indoctrinated his clones with samples from the worst of Earth's history, from atrocities to comments by politicians and Internet users, to make them hate Earth and its people more.
  • 2583 - Yfir-Jarl Egilnar launches a fleet of 10,000 battleships to invade Volandr's colony. His fleet wins the battle and kill Volandr, but are reduced to only 100 ships.
  • 2600s-2610s - The S'barrin campaign is waged by the Global Court against Volandr's clones, in an attempt to exterminate them. It ends in a massive defeat.
  • 2620s - Threatened by war against the regimes of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the governments of China and India build energy shields to protect their own peoples from invasion and bombardment.
  • 2650 - Colonies were built along the asteroid belt and the atmospheres and moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
  • 2657 - The monsters of Europa were captured by some scientists, or killed and harvested for resources by some corporations.
  • late 27th century - India is reorganised into the Hindu Republic of Akhand Bharat, as it also suffers from warlords that attempted to create their own empires in India. Angered by the Indian government imposing Hinduism as the state religion, the Pakistani junta attacks India to "rescue" its Muslim residents from attacks by Indian warlords and annex it, but is repelled. The Bharatian government also fights against other warlords who sought to overthrow it; kill its peoples; or set up colonies for militant groups, Arabia, and America.
  • 2672-2675 - After the Khand clique is defeated by its own officials, Akhand Bharat sends aid to the impoverished Pakistanis. This sparks riots in some parts of India.
  • Growing tensions between the American states culminate into the Third American Civil War. The United States wins and takes over more of the American Federation's territory, leading to more people fleeing into Europe and Russia.

World War III and the rise of the Earth Union[edit | edit source]

See also: Early Earth Union

World War III[edit | edit source]

  • 2779s-2780 - World War III breaks out over excessive economic demands and escalating jingoism by regimes from all over the world. Over a third of Earth's population is killed in battle. Nearly half of the colonies' population is slain, and infrastructure throughout the solar system has been weakened.
  • The Nordic State bombs London.
  • Militants in Europe, Arabia and its allies, and North Africa raid and bomb each others' countries, seeking revenge. They also use cloned soldiers to overwhelm their opponents in combat.
  • Akhand Bharat and China fight over the dwindling resources of the Himalayas. The Vetarbroitar send reinforcements to strengthen the Bharatian conquest of southern Tibet.
  • As the leaders and armies of the world became more fanatical, they launch bombs everywhere to destroy their enemies. The Vetarbroitar also take part in the bombings, and they are killed. The Days of Fire kill a third of Earth's population.
  • 2782 - The republics of Mars help the Earthlings rebuild, while most of the other colonies refuse as they had suffered much from World War III.
  • 1 May, 2789 - The Earth Union is founded by a militant group in the ruins of New York City. After winning over much of the East Coast, its leaders send its armies to conquer more lands.
  • To enforce its control and beliefs, the Earth Union orders all of its citizens to have a tracking chip attached to their bodies. Those who were "unmarked" and those who refused to renounce their religious beliefs were rounded up and left to fend for themselves at the "bigot enclaves". Many Unionites complied, as they sought to deter crime and quickly "harmonise" their societies.
  • The Earth Union spreads throughout the Western Hemisphere, attracting its impoverished inhabitants with promises of food, reconstruction, and security. With enough members to build its own army and embarking in a campaign of "reorganising humanity to progress", the Earth Union wages a war of total conquest, declaring any region that refuses to submit to its rule as "a haven of bigotry to be purged".
    • It has a brief rivalry with the Second United Nations that spreads across South America, southern Africa, and Australia. Although the SUN has better technology and faster economic development than the Union and the other blocs, widespread dissatisfaction against its rich rulers' corruption led to its collapse in stages.
    • The Earth Union has nearly taken over the Middle East: it briefly sweeps across Turkey and Mesopotamia before being pushed back by local nationalists. These nationalists were not only enraged by the Union's mandatory tracking chips, but also on its leaders' threats to demolish their sacred sites. Nonetheless, the Earth Union retains control of the western half of Turkey.
  • 2850's - Threatened by the Earth Union's wars against them and angered by its restrictive laws, several powerful nations on the Eastern Hemisphere (re)build the Great Shields to keep out invasions.
  • 2861 - The Martians supply the besieged Asians, Europeans, and Russians as they defend their homes, and the Earth Union wages war against Mars.
  • 2867 - With the cooperation of the other colonies, the Martians defeat the Earth Union's attempts to rule over them.
  • 2879 - A military coup caused the League-Republic of Olympus Mons to be annexed into the Martian Federation.
  • Under a certain president, Akhand Bharat sends its forces eastwards to annex Myanmar as "Brahma-desh". However, the Myanmarese and Bangladeshis repel the Indian invasion, which stops as protests grow against the Indian president. That same president and his officials were arrested and imprisoned.

Age of the Earth Union/Second Cold War[edit | edit source]

  • The Earth Union loses the southern parts of South America, the eastern coast of Africa, and much of western Turkey. While its people rebuild from their losses in their failed war, the Free Earthlings and the other colonies expand to other star systems.
  • Using material mined from asteroids, both the Earth Union and the Free Nations build several new continents on Earth's oceans:
    • Atlantia in the north Atlantic,
    • Helenia in the south Atlantic (expanding the island of St. Helena)
    • Kandamia, Dinarobia, and Kergelia in the Indian Ocean (where the nations of Prusania and Lipusia are located, and also several smaller countries founded by outcasts from Shielded nations)
    • Muvia and Fuson in the north Pacific.
  • Of these new realms, Atlantia, Helenia, and Dinarobia are ruled by the Earth Union, while the rest live in the liberty of the Free Nations.
  • Many of those Free Nations adopt monarchist governments.
  • They also construct networks of railroads that span all thirteen habitable continents, plus parts of Antarctica.

These continents became the homes of the Martian descendants of those evicted from Earth.

  • More countries are being set up by hundreds of colonists. To increase their numbers, some of these colonies resorted to cloning. And to make matters worse, some people even had children with some of those clones, which became the new rulers of some colonies. These realms included:
    • Kingdom of Polaris - known for its exceptional medical facilities, founded by Norwegians
    • Regulus Kingdom
    • Hiwayyin Kingdom - a desert planet where an Arab nation builds a mining colony
    • Republic of Sirius
    • Republic of Procyon
    • Northern Collective
    • Ulfgard League
    • Novy Bodrich - a Neo-Slavic republic at Alpha Centauri B
    • Several communist and fascist states scattered among the stars, launching crusades against each other to dominate the Galaxy
    • Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Reichs, all of which fought against each other over which dictator should rule them all. The Eighth became the ancestor of the Laadrosian Empire, founded by freewheeling pirates that refused to obey its Overlord.
    • Twelve Soviets, which competed against the Red Realm, Trikol Empire, and the Federation of Unidad. At times, these communist empires waged wars against each other, leading to splinter realms such as Polza Rem-rim (which enjoys good infrastructure through the usage of crude work camps for prisoners of war).
    • Marixai - a league of space countries that worship Karl Marx as a god, occasionally launching crusades in his name.
    • Soñado - a prosperous Hispanic republic in the galactic southeast. A good ally of the Neo-Marixil republic of Polza Rem-rim.
    • Shoshan - a Jewish republic at the northwestern part of the Milky Way.
  • The Nordic State is repelled by Gotalander forces, who built a wall to keep them out of their former capital of Uppsala.
  • Roughly 3000s - Errai Rebellions - Gamma Cephei (or Errai) replaces Polaris as the new North Star on Earth. Astrologers predict that a new power will rise to replace Earth, leading to rebellions along the northwestern Galaxy.
  • 3008 - The Germolid Cabal is founded at the southern rim of the Milky Way's hub. This supercorporation became a slave empire bent on conquering Earth.
  • 3019-3054 - Having gathered enough resources and amassed enough military power, the Earth Union marches to conquer the Galaxy. As they were skipping Mars, they set up a dozen battalions to guard the planet from Martian raids.
  • 3022 - In some Galactic colonies, Christmas is celebrated on September 12 or June 17, based on archaeological and astronomical calculations as this date being that of Jesus' birth.
  • 3028 - After losing its original base to the Earth Union, the Germolid Cabal migrates to the northwestern Milky Way.
  • 3031 - Hundreds of ships founded the Jewish republic of Shoshan in the northwestern part of the Galaxy.
  • 3036 - Shoshan is attacked by the Germolid Cabal, who sought to enslave its inhabitants -- the frequent raids and attacks turned the Shoshanians into a warrior people.
  • 3037 - While the "New/June Christmas" later spread to the northern arm of the Galaxy, stubborn insistence on the original Christmas on December changed the date into a Thanksgiving Day, where Galactic Christians host ceremonies and prayers to Jesus.
  • 3056 - The Earth Union is defeated again, and calls for a ceasefire to strengthen the defenses in its colonies. Without the Earth Union to threaten them, three centuries of peace and prosperity follow: the Second Renaissance begins.

Age of the Galactics/Age of the Farsiders[edit | edit source]

See also: Middle Earth Union

  • As people spread all over the Galaxy, some new races form from frequent interracial families. One of those races is the Cospolian race, a beautiful brown-skinned folk that practices a mixed culture in the galactic west.
  • 3072 - The Cospol-Earth Independence War - Upset by the Earth Union's suppression of their traditions and its broken economy, the colonies along the western edges of the Galaxy revolt to become the Cosmopolitan Empire.
  • 3074 - The early Cospolins also protected Shoshan and several nearby nations from being enslaved by the Germolid Cabal.
  • 32nd century - Modified hair colour DNA becomes a trend in Cospolin realms, causing people there to be born with striking colours. They also modify their genes to heal their own wounds more quickly.
  • 3357 - The Conquest of Mars/The Inclusion of Mars - The Earth Union's armies bypass its defenses and swiftly conquer Mars. Thousands of survivors were forcibly implanted with mechanical chips, and hundreds of resisters were shot.
  • The wealthiest and the strongest states across the southern Galaxy become into empires eager for more land and wealth.
  • 3550 - The Window Years - A coup d'etat leads to the formation of a secessionist republic on Earth and Mars, the Global Alliance. It lasted for nearly two hundred years before the Earth Union annexes it again and reduces the rebels into cyborgs. Parts of Western Europe and the Balkans are "liberated"/conquered by an alliance made of right-wing groups, republicans, and troops from Russia, Visegrad and the Nordic State.
  • 3570s - The Germolid Cabal sends a mighty fleet to invade Earth. It managed to dominate the Indian Ocean, parts of Asia, and Antarctica, but after fifty years, it is expelled.
  • Zaraguna is formed from several colonies along the far side of the Galaxy, near the core.
  • Two despotic civilisations rage in the Galactic east: the Displex Collective and the Ailartas Bund. Their clone wars threaten the surrounding colonies with instability and raids.
  • The Displex Collective is later usurped by the Germolid Cabal.
  • 3750 - Several rebels leave Zaraguna in giant ships during one of the gruesome harvests of its people. Two of those ships were destroyed by Laradian raiders.
  • 3802-3819 - The pirate warlord Generalissimo Ghurnad forms his own empire, the Second Ghaznavid Empire, at the Galactic east; he sought to honour his ancestor Mahmud by becoming emperor of the whole Galaxy. He wages war against several non-believing states and attempts to exterminate them, dragging the Muslim-majority Halsparex Alliance to fight against him to rescue their allies. Through the seventeen years of the First Ghaznavid War, it ended with his defeat and his arrogant officers being scattered.
  • 3839-3847 - General Arsalan Shah XII attacks the Galactic northeast, in attempting to start his own Third Ghaznavid Empire. He attempts to slaughter thousands of nonbelievers in revenge to their attacks against monotheists, and then to enslave the monotheists (including his Muslim opponents) as his vassals. The Second Ghaznavid War ends with his defeat, but the most notorious points of that war include the destruction of Archastin Hof and the Sleipnir Colony Fleet, and the genocides of the Jehanshah star system and the planets Telsperin and Zamrud Alphos.
  • 3846 - The Farsider cult forms in the galactic northeast. Angered by the massacres of Emperor Arsalan Shah XII, they persecute monotheists as revenge.
  • 3850s-4104 - The Northeastern Dark Age commences, as Farsiders and Third-Ghaznavids attempt to exterminate each other and anyone unfortunate enough to be at their vicinity. The Farsiders eventually prevail, using superweapons and clone armies to overwhelm the Ghaznavid space navy.
  • 3920 - Shoshan's president launches a crusade to destroy the Germolid Cabal. The Shoshanian fleets succeed and kill the Germolid council, liberating thousands of enslaved planets.
  • 3945-3948 - Shoshan and the northeastern Cospolin Empire are invaded by fascist armies, who accuse the Shoshanians of enslaving the liberated planets.
  • 4099 - The planet of Sarpinia is discovered. Bombs were detonated across its surface to exterminate its native organisms and terraform the planet.
  • Various colonies are set up all over the surface of Sarpinia, including Avallonia, Oronia, and Carnoyer.

The early Rinnarit Republic[edit | edit source]

See also: Late Earth Union

  • 4100s - Noticing that the Earth Union has left their homeworld unguarded in their expeditions to control unruly systems in the Galaxy, the nations of the Great Shields launch crusades to conquer the Earth Union's territories. This religious campaign of war to defeat the Earth Union and punish its denizens is known as the "World Crusade".
  • The Bareki Kingdom is established by a community of fans from the Philippines.
  • 4162 - The eleven Zaragunian ships land on the southern part of Centra Island, and establish the republic of Bigton.
  • Hundreds of people were exiled from the Bareki Kingdom for causing a riot. They settled near what is now Mount Naravoisa, where they rename themselves as "Rinnarits". The Mannofrin Corporation defeats and enslaves them.
  • 4172 - When the Cosmopolitan Empire wages war against the demon-worshipping Ninth Reich, it enforces a ban on Germanic culture and the futhark alphabet. This triggers the Norse realms in the galactic centre-north into waging the Thorn Rebellion to achieve independence.
  • 4172-4189 - The Cosmopolitan Empire sends fleets to help the Shielded Nations conquer the Earth Union. Some of its troops were stationed in many countries all over Africa and Asia, avoiding Europe to prevent provoking the local fanatics. The Cospolin High Council also supplies the Shielded Nations with resources, fuelling their war machine.
  • 4173 - The Farsiders attempt to persuade the Neo-Norse realms to join them. A quarter of them accept, and are blacklisted by the rest of the Galaxy for becoming more cruel, even by their own kin.
  • Peter York is born in a slum in a domed mining colony on Vega B. His brother Ivan is born two years later.
  • 4176 - Wakhi Durrani, the eldest prince of Afghanistan, graduates from the Mulchford University in Perth, West Australia. He is later crowned as the next monarch of Afghanistan, and also becomes a prominent violist.
  • Peter and Ivan were educated by a very stern, zealous, and hot-tempered man, Dominico Fraterone. Although Peter remained obedient to him in spite of his perfectionist fury, Ivan hated him so much for his abuse, that he began associating anything "Roman" to him.
  • Peter York grew to be a chaplain under a different teacher, while the embittered Ivan became an assassin and a hired executioner. Ivan's friends tried to stop him from beating up his colleagues whenever they spoke in Latin or Esperanto.
  • On a mining planet orbiting the star of Vega, Ivan and Peter York flee arrest with hundreds of followers, teleporting their ship to Sarpinia on the other side of the Galaxy. Dominico was killed during the ensuing riot as he was fighting a vandal who who tried to rob his chapel.
  • 23 July, 4192 - Ivan rebels against the Mannofrin Corporation and leads the Rinnarit tribes, establishing the Rinnarit Republic.
  • 4193 - In the wake of growing criticism against the Farsiders' cruelty, the Farsider government denounce the worship of the Norse gods, alienating them from their former Norse allies. They nonetheless grow by absorbing more outcasts, criminals, outlaws, and feral clones from the rest of the Galaxy.
  • 4193-4195 - The Rinnarit Republic spreads north and west as its growing armies aid local rebellions, but also forcibly expels thousands of inhabitants over their cultural backgrounds, religions, and historical crimes.
    • The sheer violence that was committed had won him the favour of some of his allies, especially some of the Nordics who sought revenge against Christianity. Attracted by the ensuing violence, more militants, pirates, and outlaws from other colonies and star systems joined the Rinnarit army's ranks.
    • Meanwhile, Peter York is banished to Tolteria to the east, where some of his followers built a town to house those expelled by the Rinnarit state.
  • May-July 4198 - The Farsiders -- now a powerful fleet -- raid the Sol System and bombard Earth, weakening and defeating the Earth Union. They then proceed to massacre the Earthlings, supposedly to punish them for Earth's history, but are stopped by the Preservers, another galactic faction.
    • Farsider fleets besiege the Great Shields at southern Yemen and Arabia, China, the eastern Mediterranean, the border to the Visegrad League, central Africa, and Kamchatka.
    • A Farsider fleet attempted to bombard Tokyo, unleashing hundreds of Ueheishi to eat the survivors. More Ueheishi were released into nearby countries after the Farsiders saw reports of locals celebrating the massacres.
    • Some Rinnarit troops who went to their chosen countries -- Akhand Bharat, Greece, Cambodia, Iraq, and the realms of Scandinavia -- rejected their President's orders. Instead, they prayed at temples and churches throughout these lands, and protected the locals from the hordes of the Earth Union and the Farsiders.
    • Other Rinnarits launched terrorist attacks against America itself, eager for revenge and to punish its people for its actions in the 21st century. Still others attacked the five sacred lands' neighbours for their historical actions, seeking to reclaim their allies' former territories before being repelled.
    • The Rinnarit soldiers bombed the industrial town of Ghazni in the Kingdom of Afghanistan, and some of them joined several Christian fanatics in launching nuclear bombs to destroy Rome and central Italy. In Afghanistan, they were challenged and defeated by several Bigtonian and Hiwayyin soldiers that sabotaged their battleships, even though their enemies failed to stop the bombing of Ghazni.
    • Enraged by thoughts of Italy and his past tormentor, Ivan York personally joins one of his attacks on Italy. At Milan, he demolishes the Basilica of St. Ambrose, cursing it for the persecutions of the pagans and the actions of the Roman Empire. He returns to the Rinnarit Republic and dies of radioactive poisoning.
    • The Farsiders also invaded parts of Europe: they bombed the tombs of Karl Marx and Charlemagne, and tore open their burning skeletons as sacrifices to Odin.
    • In parts of the Galaxy, widespread celebrations ensued as crowds cheered for the destruction of the Unionite capital and the extermination of the Earthlings. Their celebrations turned to furious riots and terrorist attacks when they watched the Preservers defeat the Farsiders.
  • 4198-4204 - The Galaxy is torn in war between the Preservers and their allies, and the fragmented remnants of the Farsiders. The remaining Farisders declare a ceasefire as they isolate themselves into blocs, banning Earthlings from entering their territories.
  • Aug 4198 - Democratic elections are held for the first time in the Rinnarit Republic.
  • 4199-4200s - To repopulate the ruined Earth, the Preservers called for the people of the Galaxy to immigrate to the planet. Planets that sent their peoples to migrate to Earth were marked by the Farsiders as "traitors", risking terrorist attacks and raids.
  • 4200s - The former Unionites defend their realms against warlords from Europe, Africa, and Asia, who seek to punish the Western world by imposing harsh dictatorships in the Americas. Some of the Preservers intervene to protect the Americans from punitive invasions, and they attempt to make peace between the Shielded Realms and the Unionites. They also help the Unionites rebuild, leading to more attacks by angered Galactics who accuse them of "treason" for helping and forgiving their enemies.

Age of the Two Republics/Age of the Galactics[edit | edit source]

  • The United States is re-established, leading to massive outrage in the galactic east and north.
  • As much of Earth is left in ruins after the Farsider siege, the Preservers remain for a few years to help the survivors rebuild. Three years later, a fleet of Vetarbroitar surround the planet to isolate it from the rest of the Galaxy. A battle ensues for one month before the blockade is defeated, and the Preservers protect the planet from enraged invaders that attempted to destroy it. Earth's people are then despised in various parts of the Galaxy, who still want to destroy them for their historical sins.
  • Bigton is the first in Sarpinia to begin relations with the United States. After some protests and riots objecting to such a decision, the Rinnarit Republic only opens up to the United States decades later, and grudgingly establishes relations with Italy, Turkey, Vietnam, and Thailand.
  • A certain ethnic American beats up worshippers in a pagan temple and burns it, triggering sectarian riots between Christians, pagans, and atheists in the Rinnarit Republic.
  • 4272 - President Ryker of the Rinnarit Republic begins relations with President Graham of Bigton, seeking to restore peace in the Centrosian archipelago.
  • President Ryker is assassinated, and the western provinces of the Rinnarit Republic fall to extremists.
  • 4298 - York III becomes President and dictator of the Rinnarit Republic, and declares war on Bigton.
  • 4300-4305 - Enthusiastic armies of Rinnarit soldiers launch attacks against Bigton and its neighbours, seeking to slaughter any that stood against them. Although they reach Bigton's capital and firebomb it, they were eventually defeated. Some attempt to hijack the portals to Earth to launch attacks against the United States and other disliked nations.
  • 4306 - The Saidonerse Empire conquers the Rinnarit Republic and defeats the last Rinnarit fanatics.
  • 4312 - Bigton is ruled by an Overlord, who subjects it to a Zergonian cultural dictatorship. Thousands of Bigtonians migrate north to what is now the Rinnarit Republic, and fend off the Overlord's armies.
  • 4349-4352 - Shoshan and the Cospolin Empire are being attacked by a fleet of Nazis. After an exhaustive war, the Nazi fleets are defeated, although Shoshan has become heavily-ruined.
  • 4402 - The Saidonerse Empire grants the Rinnarit Republic its independence.

Age of the Galaxials[edit | edit source]

  • 4413 - The Galaxial Empire forms from a decadent Cospolin colony in the galactic northwest.
  • 4442 - Usurped by a mad general who claimed to be an American eager for revenge, Avalonia sends its air forces to invade the Northwestern Federation and the Rinnarit Republic. A Galaxial fleet attempts to harvest the Americans and the Rinnarits, but was destroyed.
  • 4472 - Bjorn Jorikson, a descendant of Ivan York and York III, orders the demolition of his ancestor Ivan's tomb. He also hosts a ceremony to Jesus, apologising for his ancestor's crimes. The televised demolition led to protests and riots in parts of his country.
  • 4475 - Bjorn Jorikson is assassinated by one of his officials, who cut off his head as a sacrifice to Loki.
  • 4536 - Halsteinn York is born.
  • 4537 - Leukia Joriksdottir is born.
  • 4538 - Dorian Pelagos is born.
  • 4539 - Thomas Jorikson is born.
  • March 20, 4541 - Leukia and Thomas are adopted and named by the York family.
  • 4552 - Avtandil, a general of Georgian descent, is elected as the penultimate president of the Rinnarit Republic. He leads the Rinnarit armed forces against the resurgent Farsider threat.
  • 4553 - Another rebellion revives the Farsider army.
  • 4553 - Arimago becomes Primary Commander of a large fleet of Galaxials, in the wake of a resurgent Farsider uprising.
  • October 31/32, 4555 - President Avtandil was overthrown in a coup by several fanatical generals, who were killed by York XIII, who them becomes the last president of the Rinnarit Republic.
  • July 23, 4557 - The Rinnarit Republic expires after a solar eclipse and the eruption of its sacred volcano. Before York XIII was able to return to Norway through a portal, he was killed by the invading Galaxials while his three children escape.
  • November 12, 4557 - The Galaxials mine Mount Naravoisa and build a clone factory and satellite beacon at its caldera.
  • 4558 - The Galaxials invade Earth.
  • 4559 - The Galaxials on Centros Island are defeated by York XIII's giant mechas and electromagnetic sabotage traps.
  • 4559 - Halsteinn and his family fight for the defenders of Norway to defeat the Galaxial invaders. He then holds a special blot at a makeshift memorial to pacify the souls of the Rinnarit soldiers that fought and died in Norway, before holding five more blots for the victims of his country's invasions.
  • 4559 - Some of Halsteinn's relatives, supporters of their ancestor Ivan, were put on trial and executed for continuing their ancestor's massacres and violence.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Much of the horrible events in the timeline were inspired by various people that the author encountered on Twitter, Quora, and news websites: they presented a world where extremists and fanatics had more control of society, plunging it into total war.

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