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The unofficial flag of the Vetarbroitar civilisation.

The Vetarbroitar are a race of cloned humans from the Rinnarverse. They live at the northern part of the Milky Way.

The Norse people of the Rinnarit Republic are of Vetarbroitar descent.


One flag used by the Vetarbroitar was the Flag of Rebirth, the first flag for their people. It consists of three horizontal stripes with a raven at the middle. Red represents the sacrifice of Odin, Blue symbolises the god's vast wisdom collected through the ages, and Black represents courage against evil. The raven represents devotion to Odin and the gods, and the star represents refinement and hope against the worsening state of humanity.

Another flag is used by the Vetarbroitar today, the Flag of Hope. It is a black flag with a blue border, with a white Mjolnir next to two constellations. Blue represents order, black represents freedom and knowledge, the stars represent hope, and the Mjolnir stands for loyalty towards the Gods. The futhark text reads: "Það er sannleikur í hinum heilaga Æsir". It means "There is truth in the Holy Aesir".



Like the other peoples of the Galaxy, the Vetarbroitar have some genetic differences from 21st century humans. They are stronger, healthier, and more agile. However, they were designed to be tougher and stronger: not as muscular ogres, but simply as handsome men and lithe women.

The Vetarbroitar resemble the Nordic people who created and cloned them: peach skin, and colourful eyes and hair.

Vetarbroitar are able to learn more quickly than an ordinary human, but their rapid rate of learning makes their minds and emotions more unstable.


The Vetarbroitar are notorious for their unusual degree of order. While other people do things like threaten others over petty matters, gloat and mock others' troubles, or simply make insensitive statements, most Vetarbroitar almost never do these. Such behaviours are considered "Earthling behaviours", and are almost eliminated from their minds through genetic manipulation.

While they generally try their best to help those they love, they can sometimes become abusive out of duty, fear, force, or anger. They also tend to be more obedient, as long as the one that gives orders is also a Vetarbroitar or someone they can trust.

As a result, Vetarbroitar tend to be more considerate of others' problems, even though they can choose not to be involved or to oppose others' interests. They are also known for being kind because of a duty in their minds to "improve the world", usually to please their god Odin: not only do they support each other, but when they extend their kindness towards outsiders who they consider deserving of help, they do their best to help those people stand up for themselves. They in turn, expect no kindness or help except from their own people, because they live in a Galaxy where their enemies outnumber any potential allies.

Nonetheless, when facing a person considered an enemy, the Vetarbroitar become devoid of mercy, utterly destroying their enemy with as much destruction as they could inflict on their enemy's body. Another weakness they suffer under is rage: unless someone intervenes, once they reach a certain threshold, they become very destructive and hateful, thinking only in rage and fury.

Such behaviour causes other peoples to regard the Vetarbroitar as inhuman or hive-like: behind their kindness, their help, and their orderly society belie a lack of humanity. And when they face the Vetarbroitar they encounter warriors consumed by destruction, the ultimate warriors.



The Vetarbroitar were created on the world of Ednyria (Renewal), a grassland planet at the western side of the Milky Way. Their creator was Volandr, a warlord from the tyrannical Nordic State, who was tasked by the Nordic emperor (or overjarl) to build an army against American and Germolid incursions at the northern fringes of his empire. For nine years, he and his team of 800 men and women produced and trained the clones to build a network of colonies at the nearby star systems. He was glad that his Project Lifthrasir had exceeded his expectations, as millions of clones in hundreds of forge-ships formed his own nation: from such an idea, he planned various secret details about his proposed new nation.

Nine years later, the arrogant warlord ordered all Nordic symbols to be taken down and replaced with his own: he declared himself as the first emperor of Odinljos, the Realm of Enlightenment. In place of green and black hammer flags, a red-blue-black flag was raised as the banner of his rebellion, bearing a raven carrying a star with its feet. Ravens were used instead of the axe-torch, a flying raven bearing a valknut and a scroll were set up. Every single clone obeyed his orders, and the few men in Volandr's circle who rebelled were immediately executed. Enraged by Volandr's defiance, he demanded the warlord to explain. Volandr answered that he raised his own army to protect the rest of the Galaxy against the Nordic State and other empires, and to eventually defeat the Nordic State because it was too focused on destruction instead of bringing order as the gods intended.

The emperor sent a fleet of ten thousand drakkar-ships to firebomb Ednyria and its satellite states. The Nordics and the rebels fought a seven-month war, which ended the Nordic fleet being victorious but reduced to a quarter of its might. By the time it reached the capital, Volandr boarded a fighter and bombed the flagship, killing the fleet's commander. The rest of the fleet was utterly wiped out by a bigger fleet from Volandr's colonies: by then, the Vetarbroitar had multiplied into billions, and they colonised more parts of the uninhabited Milky Way.

With the death of their creator and the destruction of Ednyria, the colonies formed a new government: the Beloved of Odin. It was created as a republic. Because the Vetarbroitar considered themselves as the future the Milky Way will look up to, the clones named themselves as Vetarbroitar, the Galactic people.

The Alliance[]

As the Vetarbroitar built civilisations in the Galactic north, they were constantly indoctrinated into propaganda against Earth, its nations, its people, and its history. They began to hate Earth and almost every inhabitant on the planet, seeing them as treacherous tyrants who sought nothing but dominance and destruction.

Some nations were exempt from their contempt. Among them include Kheya Wita, Gotaland, and Ramrajya Bharat. Kheya Wita was a large federation of Native American states; Gotaland was a rebel state that broke away from the Nordic State to honour the Aesir and Vanir; and Ramrajya Bharat was the largest non-Abrahamic nation, standing against what it perceived to be enemies who sought the destruction of Hinduism.

The Vetarbroitar sent emissaries to support these three nations, seeing them as worthy agents of justice. Kheya Wita only conducted friendly relations with the Vetarbroitar, exchanging technology with each other. Gotaland replaced the Nordic State as a pilgrimage site to honour the Ancestors. Ramrajya Bharat had the closest relations among the three: they were impressed by the Hindu nation's strength and resilience in building a thriving civilisation independent from the global hegemonies, but they even regarded Ramrajya Bharat as a role model. To support and defend their three Earth allies from the empires of Earth, the Vetarbroitar sent troops to protect the nations.

In addition to these three nations, two others were respected by the Vetarbroitar. Mexico and Australia resisted the Five Powers' attempts to conquer them, and they joined forces with the Ramrajya in defending the smaller nations of the world with an alliance. These nations, together with Kheya Wita and Gotaland, were considered a brotherhood of five nations known as the Thrisveld, the protectors of freedom and independence.

In various countries[]

Beloved of Odin[]

The first nation the Vetarbroitar established.

Rinnarit Norse[]

The Norse majority of the Rinnarit Republic are descendants of Vetarbroitar settlers. Unlike their cold, orderly kin, Rinnarit Vetarbroitar still have some vulgar emotions due to intermarriage with American and Russian colonists. In the founding years of the Rinnarit Republic, they were fanatically obsessed with a hatred of Earth and its atrocities; but in modern times, they are now more peaceful.


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Vetarbroitar culture is mostly influenced by a very modernised Norse culture: while they wear robes, speak the Neo-Norse language created by Volandr, worship the Norse gods, and practice various traditions, they utilise very advanced technology on par with the rest of the Milky Way derived from the machinery of the Nordic State. Their enemies consider their anachronistic appearance to be hypocritical, as they demanded the Vetarbroitar to give them credit and thank them for their technology.

The Vetarbroitar fiercely defend their independence, rejecting any attempts by any Galactic power to rule over them. Exceptions include the desperate defectors who turned towards the Cospolin Empire or the hated Americans -- the latter are rejected by most Vetarbroitar as traitors.


The Vetarbroitar calendar is based on the Gregorian calendar, with Norse names replacing Latin names.

  • 1 December - Odin's Day, New Year's Day
  • 21 December-1 January - Yule
  • 6 January - Vidukind Day, Day of Resistance
  • 9 January - Raud Blot, Heroes' Day
  • late February - Thorrablot
  • 1 June - Sigorblot, Day of War
  • 8 June - Lindisfarne Day, Day of Justice
  • 21 July - Brotherhood Day - the day India was reorganised into the Ramrajya, and when diplomatic relations began with India.



Most Vetarbroitar practice a form of Norse polytheism. Many practices and beliefs in the Vetarbroitar faith were derived from the state cult of the Nordic State, which in turn was an inversion of Christianity.

Popular gods in their religion include Thor, Freyr, and Odin: in fact, Odin is venerated above all the Gods, and Vetarbroitar propaganda even declared him "King of the Universe".

Although the Vetarbroitar already call their religion "Asatru", most Asatruar and Norse Heathens throughout the Galaxy consider the Vetarbroitar religion to be deviant and extreme, and so refer it as "Volandism" to differentiate it.

Shame is acceptable in Vetarbroitar society, and accountability (admitting your wrongdoings, like how they displayed the sins of Earth) is encouraged; but guilt is considered a waste. The Vetarbroitar believe that the Gods favour those who stand on their own and defend the community and the vulnerable, rather than rely too much on the Gods and others.

Certain heroes are venerated as saints or heilagur, as symbols of resistance against the evil empires of Earth. Among them include Widukind (a Saxon king who fought against the tyrant Charlemagne), King Radbod, and Raud the Strong. They also included heroes and warriors from other cultures, such as Shivaji and Prithviraj, Maharani Lakshmibai, Tecumseh, Geronimo, the 20th July Plot, Baltic partisans, Thomas Sankara, and the founders of Cascadia and Gotaland.


Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma is a significant minority among the Vetarbroitar, for hundreds of Vetarbroitar converted to Hinduism because they were attracted by the beauty of the religion. The religion enjoys similar protections with its Norse counterpart, as the Vetarbroitar regard their Bharatian allies as "brothers under the Gods". It is also regarded as a rich culture, an enduring civilisation that withstood the tyrants of history and flourished.

In Vetarbroitar folklore, Indians are depicted as brave and resilient, resisting the powers of the world to ensure the Gods will prevail. Likewise, the Vetarbroitar saw themselves in their Hindu allies, as resisters who fight against the tyrants of the Galaxy. In propaganda art, Vetarbroitar and Hindus tend to stand together as brothers. Marches were composed, singing praises to Odin and Shiva.

Many Vetarbroitar admire and respect Hinduism as a "brother faith", and they would not tolerate any attacks against it or its believers. They refuse to even think about insulting any of the Gods of India, giving them the respect they have for their own Aesir and Vanir.

Earthling sins[]

To ensure that the Vetarbroitar will never again repeat the many sins and atrocities of the Earthlings, they have created various strict rules to regulate their own behaviour. These, along with the mutations that made them more rigid and obedient, made the Vetarbroitar more organised and "civil".

  • Hatred of the poor
  • Laughing at others' suffering
  • Justifying or promoting poverty
  • Fandoms, cartoons, and videogames
  • Not explaining
  • Joke answers
  • "Edginess"
  • Internet trolling
  • "Boomer culture"

Forbidden terms[]

Pure Vetarbroitar are forbidden from using those English-language terms, as these terms represent the selfish, uncaring societies of the hated 21st century. Even hearing or seeing those terms can cause a Vetarbroitar to become very angry, steering dangerously to a murderous rage. There were cases when reckless strangers uttered these terms in front of Vetarbroitar, causing anyone nearby to grab a weapon and threaten the speaker. Some speakers were brutally murdered simply for taunting the Vetarbroitar with those words, worsening their reputation.

  • Deal with it
  • Cope
  • Boo-hoo
  • Based (as in "something liked", often associated with American terrorists and warmongers. Using "based" for other meanings is allowed)
  • Yes (to answer a question as a joke)

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